Hixxa Communications connects people through technology. Public safety and commercial customers turn to our innovative solutions when they want highly connected teams that have the information they need throughout their workdays and in the moments that matter most to them.

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity and efficiency, cut costs and drive revenue or improve public safety and security, we’ve got a technology solution for your real-world problems.  Offering solutions for Public Safety and In-Building Solutions as well as design services.

In an Emergency, Communication saves lives

Public Safety is the key to Fire, EMS and Police in an emergency situation or critical moment when communication is key!

In-Building Wireless Design Solutions

Creating an in-building solution for a better radio/cell signal is now critical for your customers, employees, and public-safety first responders.




This 28 page PDF helps provide a clear understanding of the complexities and reasons behind the need for an in-building wireless solution.

Communication Anywhere!

Hixxa’s Remote Communication Trailers provide fast and reliable communication solutions for any Job Site or Special Event.

Product Service Highlights

Industry Solution Spotlights

Public Safety

Increase Contextual Awareness, Accelerate Responsiveness, and Improve Decision-making. Designed for any Emergency Response Department from: Police, Fire, EMS or Search and Rescue we can improve your communications in your vehicle or to any remote location.  Offering Public Safety Band boosters to ensures critical FirstNet connectivity.  We offer solutions that deliver consistent signal for first responders and other public safety officials relying on two-way radio communications inside large buildings with weak signal strength.

 Healthcare, Hospitality and Retail

Nothing speaks to improving efficiency and guest service like next generation communication solutions adapted to your needs.  With the right in-building or DAS System it will meet the daily needs of medical staff, customers and Public Safety Requirements for your County.

Education K-12

Ensure Public Safety standards are being met.  Keep track of children on the move. Monitor buses and routes in real time. And link districts and staff efficiently on one device.  Provide cellular or internet based coverage to your campus to provide coverage in the event of an emergency or public safety situation.  Design, Installation and COnsulting Services to determine if your school/campus requires or is in need of a Public Safety- Emergency Responder Radio System.



Close the Gap in Your Operational Efficiencies with Seamless Communications.