In-Building Wireless Design

Public Safety Indoor Wireless Solutions

Indoor wireless connectivity solutions are no longer an option. Today, they are a requirement for modern communications, especially for emergency communications. First responders and public safety providers depend on wireless technology similar to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, and land mobile radio (LMR) for voice and data communications in emergency situations.

Meeting the Challenge

Getting cellular service inside large buildings can be a challenge, especially for first responders. In many communities throughout the country, first responders must be able to access a public safety signal in 95 percent of a building’s interior space.

Indoor wireless solutions from Hixxa Communications offer high-quality emergency communications in even the largest buildings. We’re passionate about ensuring public safety communications to police, fire and other emergency responders.

Police Radio Push to Talk

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Our free e-book The Public-Safety Communications IMPERATIVE outlines the importance of effective in-building wireless communications. It includes:

  • An introduction to the public safety imperative
  • The evolution of the public safety imperative
  • The role of indoor public safety and public cellular wireless solutions
  • Understanding fire and building codes for public safety communications
  • Funding and owning an indoor public safety network
  • Case study: DC Water

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Introduction Public Safety Communications

Annual Inspections and Testing

Fire codes require all in-building emergency communications systems to pass an annual inspection and testing. Hixxa Communications can provide annual inspections and testing to ensure your system is operating properly.

Hixxa Communications is a certified Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERRCS) contractor. We’ll work with you and the local fire and emergency response authorities to ensure your system complies with all local regulations.

ERRCS Inspection and Testing

  • Visual inspection of the system
  • Review on-site documentation
  • Check batteries/backup power supply
  • Verify alarm operation
  • Measure donor isolation and system coverage
  • Conduct grid tests
  • Provide necessary test documentation
In-Building Wireless Design Inspection Hixxa Edison Apartments

Hixxa Communications provides inspections and testing for buildings of all sizes.

Expert Communications Services

Ensure your facility meets local and FCC emergency communications codes. Let the experts at Hixxa Communications design and install an indoor emergency wireless solution that meets your needs and the needs of first responders.

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Two Firefighters Communicate on multiple frequency bands

Can You Hear Me?

Police and fire personnel depend on code-compliant coverage on multiple frequency bands for two-way radio and emergency communications, no matter where they are in your facility – even through thick building walls and underground. Meet local fire code requirements and improve the safety at your facility with an indoor wireless solution from Hixxa Communications.