Keep Up with the Market. And Keep Costs Down.

You’re on a challenging pace in manufacturing. With stiffer competition, tighter schedules, longer shifts and heightened emphasis on safety, today’s marketplace calls for even greater efficiency and productivity to maintain an advantage, globally and locally.

In order to keep up and keep ahead, your workers need reliable, easy-to-use communications so you can increase their efficiency and productivity, improve plant safety, support long work shifts and rapidly respond to incidents, wherever they happen.


Whether you run a global network of warehouses or a collection of local plants, reliable communications throughout your entire footprint is vital for successful operations.

Your workers need to connect clearly and without interruption – no matter where they are located or how loud their environment is.

Manufacturers need to:

  • Ensure messages are received and understood by personnel
  • Connect workers without interruptions or distractions
  • Improve safety and task efficiency
  • Speed response to changing plant conditions or incidents


Versatile and powerful, HIXXA has the ideal solutions.

We offer many products from Sierra Wireless, HiBoost, Cradlepoint, Wilson and many other vendor pricing to bring to each company the best possible service and pricing to fit any solution including business continuity failover.

We also offer Satellite Radio services and plans with Iridium.  Iridium logo




Whether your employees are working the line or walking the factory floor, with HIXXA communications solutions and accessories you can communicate clearly and conveniently. If an emergency or accident happens, you can locate the closest personnel and dispatch them for immediate response. And if you want to determine if deliveries are on time and sent to the correct locations, you can coordinate your fleet with exceptional productivity and proficiency.