We offer solutions to build, operate and maintain your wireless access in remote areas.  Our passion is dedicated to police, emergency and daily public safety communications.


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Turn-Key NFP/IFC Compliant Systems from HIXXA.

publicsafety-buildingDASMany jurisdictions now regulate that buildings meet stringent wireless coverage requirements in order to provide wireless connectivity for emergency responders and fire department personnel during emergencies. Hixxa Communications installs wireless radio enhancement systems that are compliant with the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA 72) and International Fire Code (IFC 510) which many counties and municipalities are adopting for first-responders.  Distributed antenna systems (DAS) are the best solution to meet the required in-building coverage standards and new building codes being adopted throughout the country.


Did you know there are new codes? Are you Compliant?


In-Building Wireless & Cellular Solutions.


Hixxa Communications can fulfill your needs and address evolving public safety and broadband requirements including LTE and FirstNet.

NFPA Compliant, Certified DAS Designers
IBwave Technicians & Engineers
Channelized, Class A Signal Boosters
Active (Fiber Optic) Designs
Multi-Carrier, Neutral Host DAS

  • Consulting for Local Fire Ordinances
  • RF Coverage Testing
  • Budgetary Quotes
  • Full Integration and System Installation
  • Commissioning and Testing with Fire Authority
  • System Maintenance Plans
  • Frequency Bands
    • VHF
    • UHF
    • 700/800 MHz


Hixxa Communications installations are performed by our technicians.

NEC Quality Guaranteed
OSHA Safety Certified Installers
NECA Standardization
FCC Registration


NFPA and/or IFC Compliant Acceptance Testing
RF Noise & Interference Mitigation
RF Measurement
Signal Booster Optimization


Our expertise in the most current distributed antenna system (DAS), bi-directional amplifier (BDA) and repeater technologies in the wireless space allows us to leverage the best platforms possible to design a fit-for-purpose solution for your government institution or public safety needs.

All Hixxa Communications services are customizable to meet your unique business needs. Call us today to discuss your unique service needs.