Manufacturing Communication Solutions

Trouble-Free Communications for Manufacturing

Distributed antenna system (DAS) networks are playing an increasing role in manufacturing. The manufacturing sector is undergoing a revolution as staff and equipment increasingly rely on cellular communications technology. A DAS network from Hixxa Communications can help keep your facility competitive. Don’t be left behind.

Improved Quality and Productivity

Staff rely on cell phones to provide immediate communications to boost quality and productivity. In addition, modern manufacturing equipment is increasingly equipped with cell-phone enabled sensors to communicate important equipment efficiency data and report potential problems. And cell technology plays a key role in inventory management.

Communications Solutions

Manufacturing facilities often experience areas with weak or non-existent communications. These dead zones hamper communications with staff, create safety concerns and interfere with communications connections with manufacturing equipment.

A DAS network from Hixxa Communications can solve your communications problems and enhance your productivity. Versatile and powerful, a DAS system is a proven, reliable solution to ensure communications throughout your facility or campus. We also provide business continuity failover services to maintain internet access, even if you lose cellular coverage.

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Warehouse Worker using walkie-talkie

DAS Network Benefits

  • Increased signal coverage
  • Eliminate dead zones
  • Improved staff communications
  • Rapidly respond to incidents
  • Constant communications with cell phone-enabled equipment sensors
  • Communications with Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices
  • Lower overall power use
  • Can work with multiple carriers
  • Improved safety and task efficiency

Solving Coverage Issues

Hospitals and medical facilities often suffer from poor cell phone coverage. Construction materials, including concrete walls, lead-lined rooms, metal piping, reflective glass and tile walls and floors all interfere with cell signals. DAS systems overcome these barriers by providing a strong, reliable signal throughout a building or multi-building campus.

DAS Close Up

DAS System Benefits

  • Strong, reliable signals throughout buildings, including lower levels
  • Cellular coverage campus-wide
  • Continuous, uninterrupted communications for EMS providers and first responders
  • Coverage for all carriers and frequencies
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • Compatible with new smart phone applications
  • Increased productivity of doctors, nurses and staff
  • Improved safety and security, especially in fringe areas
  • Reduced operational expense
  • Scalable to grow as your facility expands

DAS Network Experts

The professionals at Hixxa Communications are system design and installation experts. Let us design a DAS network solution that meets your unique needs.