Mobile Coverage Anywhere & Everywhere with 3G/4G Connectivity

Mobile Coverage Anywhere & Everywhere with 3G/4G Connectivity

Wherever your business takes you, stay connected. . .

Hixxa Communications Remote Systems are a managed, business/industrial-class, 3G/4G cellular Internet connection designed for rural/remote, mobile, and redundant connectivity applications. The service delivers an Internet connection with high reliability via a mission-critical grade cellular modem.

It can be used in a variety of ways such as delivering internet access to rural oil and gas fields, companies tired of managing numerous “hot-spots”, for schools to provide internet access to students on a school bus, or for emergency response personnel to establish a mobile command center.

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Residential – Strengthening the Signal in Your Home

In addition to our full line of commercial applications, Hixxa also has numerous options for your residence.

You rely on your phone to text, email, talk, look up information and stay entertained and connected. Hixxa residential services offer a number of residential cellular amplifiers or “boosters” by industry-leading manufacturers that establish strong, reliable, and consistent cell coverage in 1-2 rooms or your entire home.

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Top 10 Benefits to Enhancing the Signal in Your Home:

  1. Eliminates dropped calls
  2. Crystal clear voice quality
  3. Quickly delivered text
  4. Faster uploads & downloads (streaming)
  5. Reliable connection
  6. Improved reception
  7. Wider coverage
  8. Reduces dead zones
  9. More bars
  10. Longer battery life

Hixxa Communications provides a wide variety of residential services and products all installed by our professional certified installers. Call us today to discuss how we can improve your home’s cell coverage or internet service.