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PodRunner® Mobile Communications Solutions

Hixxa Communications is an approved vendor for PodRunner mobile communications solutions, including the SatRunner™ Cell-On-Wheels (COW).

PodRunner provides rapidly deployable, self-powered wireless communications systems for indoor and outdoor locations. With a PodRunner system you have high-tech communications equipment where you want it, when you want it. PodRunner communications solutions offer unrivaled capabilities with a low cost of ownership, making them ideal for public safety agencies.

PodRunner® Mobile Communications

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PodRunner mobile communications solutions deploy anywhere a vehicle can access.

  • Available within minutes of arrival on-scene.
  • Serve as a cellular and wi-fi hub when other communications are not available.
  • Easiest method of providing wi-fi and cellular to first responders wherever and whenever needed.

PodRunner Communications Solutions

  • SatRunner™ for Verizon
  • SatRunner™ Wi-Fi
  • CommandRunner™ XT
  • CommandRunner™ OA

PodRunner Dealers

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SatRunner™ Cell-on-Wheels (COW)

SatRunner™ Cell-on-Wheels (COW)

The SatRunner™ Cell-on-Wheels (COW) platform is configured for the Verizon® Network Extender 2 for Enterprise. With the all-new SatRunner™ COW, you can create an area of Verizon® cellular and Wi-Fi coverage, anytime and anywhere. Your very own Cell-on-Wheels can be deployed by a single person, within minutes, wherever needed!

CRD Features

  • Easy to store
  • Can be transported by a single person
  • Cellular range up to 1 mile Bubble
  • Wi-fi range up to 1,000 feet for up to 100 connected devices
  • High-speed satellite internet
  • Weatherproof
  • NEMA 4 compliant
  • Off the ground
  • Uses any standard trailer hitch
  • Can be delivered by helicopter
  • Fits through standard ADA doorway
  • 60 hour run time before refueling (gasoline)

Mobile Communications Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Hixxa Communications can provide you with a mobile communications solution that meets your unique needs and applications.