Push to Talk Radio Solutions

Communicate Across Town or Across the Country

Push to talk (PTT) communications systems combine the ease of use of two-way radios with the convenience and capabilities of cellular communications. With PTT radio technology you can communicate with employees across town or across the country with the push of a button.

PTT systems are the ideal solution for companies that need instant, reliable communications locally and across long distances.

Eliminate Common Communications Problems

Communicating with a dispersed workforce presents challenges. Dropped calls, communication dead spots and workers located out of range of traditional two-way radio systems hinders productivity and causes safety concerns.

Factory engineer push to talk walkie talkie

One Button Communications, Unlimited Range

State-of-the-art PTT communication technology solves these problems. Unlike radios, push to talk messages are transmitted over Wi-Fi or LTE cellular networks. With PTT, subscribers use dedicated PTT communication devices or cell phones like walkie-talkies, but with unlimited range.

PTT provides instant communication at the push of a button. And hands-free devices allow workers to communicate while driving without taking their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road.

Push to Talk Features

  • The convenience of two-way radio systems with the reliability and clarity of cellular communications.
  • Unlimited range. Reach anyone, anywhere.
  • Highly reliable.
  • GPS tracking capabilities of employees and vehicles.
  • Rugged, easy to use handheld and in-vehicle devices.
Push to Talk Walkie Talkie Construction

Push to Talk Benefits

  • Improve service and save fuel by locating and dispatching workers closest to customers.
  • Hands-free devices for increased safety while driving.
  • Emergency notifications improve worker safety at remote locations.
  • Secure, encrypted communications.
  • Bandwidth to transmit data, photos and video.
  • Talk to individuals or groups with the push of a button.

PTT Communications Solutions for Today’s Challenges

Don’t let poor communications affect your business. Stay ahead of the competition with a state-of-the-art PTT communications solution from Hixxa Communications. Reliable local and nationwide communications with the push of a button.

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