Remote Communications Trailer

Temporary Remote Communications Trailer for any Job Site or Special Event

Our self-contained Hixxa Remote Communication Trailers offers a unique remote — yet highly reliable — communications solution in a transportable package.

The trailer can be pulled by any class-2 hitch vehicle, and with its integrated push-button technology, you could be working with phones, internet and satellite TV within minutes of arriving on-site. They are fully customizable to your company or projects needs.

mobile communications trailer

Discover How Hixxa Can Help Your Business

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Here Are Ways The Hixxa Remote Communications Trailer Can Work For You:

The Skycasters MST features Wi-Fi Wi-Fi – Connect to the Internet wirelessly using twin, folding multi-polarized, omni-directional antennas. State-of-the-art and standard on all of our trailers.

The Skycasters MST features Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) RoIP – Use the mobile satellite trailer to extend 2-way radio communications using Hixxa’s satellite Internet at disaster sites, for homeland security operations, or border patrol outposts.

The Skycasters MST features Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) VoIP – Communicate over the Internet by voice or video at broadband speeds and enjoy the same digital clarity as calls over terrestrial lines.

The Skycasters MST features Wireless Mesh Wireless mesh – Deploy a mesh network of Wi-Fi hot spots around relief camps, job sites, or disaster scenes, and use the Hixxa trailer as a common backhaul.

The Skycasters MST features Video Surveillance Video surveillance – Set up a satellite video surveillance system in a remote area with a communications trailer, where terrestrial lines are unavailable. Great for homeland security, prison work camps, or job site monitoring.

The Skycasters MST features Microcell Microcell – Take your cellular coverage with you. Deploy your previously configured microcell for immediate connectivity at the job site for you and your team, using the MST.

The Skycasters MST features Point-to-Multipoint PTMP – Satellite communication trailers allow multiple users to share a single satellite dish and online connection making it ideal for music festivals, political rallies, and renaissance fairs.