Testing Services & Design Services

Reliable Network Testing and Design Services

Hixxa Communications offers a comprehensive suite of testing services to verify and ensure quality and reliability of customers’ telecom networks and high-speed fiber optic lines.

  • Evaluation and testing of high speed telecom lines (OC-3, OC-12, STM-1 etc.)
  • Evaluation and testing of VoIP, ATM and Central Office switches
  • Assessment and audio survey of public address systems in transit stations
  • Evaluation of tunnel radio coverage
  • Drive testing to verify cellular service coverage

Design Testing Tools

Hixxa Communications has developed an extensive array of advanced tools. The tools are used for design and engineering of wireless and microwave network, including site location, service area coverage prediction, frequency planning, interference prediction and digital microwave interconnect engineering.

RF Propagation Tool

A fundamental task for a Radio network designer is to predict RF coverage by using “RF Propagation Tool” based on a set of proposed site parameters and system requirements that would help to determine whether the intended service objectives can be met. The characteristics of a propagating RF signal largely depends on the radio frequency, geographic terrain, foliage, buildings, and varying weather conditions.

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rf test
rf test
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Intermodulation Calculator Tool

Intermodulation interference occurs when two or more transmitters, transmitting at different frequencies, are coupled, resulting in the mixing of signals. This results in the presence of additional frequencies, called intermodulation products, that are either sum or difference of the transmitted frequencies. If the products fall within the bandwidth of a receiver, intermodulation interference may occur.

Microwave Path Profile Tool

A first step in microwave path design is positioning microwave antennas to form a line-of-site connection between two stations. Curvature of the earth, terrain elevation, buildings and trees must all be taken into consideration when planning the microwave link.

Other Design Services Available

  • Service Area Boundary and Interference Study
  • Radio Frequency Coverage
  • Path Availability Analysis
  • Coordination and Interference Analysis
  • 2D and 3D Terrain Maps
  • Leased T1 Network Design
  • Fiber Optic Network Design
  • Zoning and Permits
  • Frequency Planning/ Coordination
  • FAA Determination
  • FCC Tower Registration
  • Satellite Engineering
  • FCC Licensing